Factbox: Trump’s immigration enforcement lags behind Obama’s first term in office


(Reuters) – President Donald Trump said on Monday that U.S. authorities next week would begin removing “millions” of immigrants living illegally in the United States, without giving more details.

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives for an event on healthcare coverage options for small businesses and workers in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., June 14, 2019. REUTERS/Leah Millis

However, while cracking down on illegal immigration has been a signature issue for the Republican president, arrests and deportations under his administration have so far fallen behind Democratic former President Barack Obama’s first term in office, from 2009-2013.

The following is a breakdown of non-criminal and criminal arrests and non-criminal removals for Obama’s first and second terms and the first two years of Trump’s four-year term, broken down by the Oct. 1-Sept. 30 fiscal year.

(For a graphic, please see tmsnrt.rs/2ZsSNvB.


Non-criminal arrests: 182,031

Criminal arrests: 115,867

Non-criminal removals: 136,343

Criminal removals: 253,491


Non-criminal arrests: 129,302

Criminal arrests: 143,082

Non-criminal removals: 195,772

Criminal removals: 197,090


Non-criminal arrests: 121,197

Criminal arrests: 167,195

Non-criminal removals: 216,698

Criminal removals: 180,208


Non-criminal arrests: 93,648

Criminal arrests: 171,925

Non-criminal removals: 192,412

Criminal removals: 174,880


Non-criminal arrests: 63,843

Criminal arrests: 168,444

Non-criminal removals: 151,834

Criminal removals: 216,810


Non-criminal arrests: 48,969

Criminal arrests: 134,734

Non-criminal removals: 137,983

Criminal removals: 177,960


Non-criminal arrests: 17,892

Criminal arrests: 101,880

Non-criminal removals: 96,045

Criminal removals: 139,368


Non-criminal arrests: 15,353

Criminal arrests: 94,751

Non-criminal removals: 101,586

Criminal removals: 138,669


Non-criminal arrests: 37,734

Criminal arrests: 105,736

Non-criminal removals: 98,420

Criminal removals: 127,699


Non-criminal arrests: 53,441

Criminal arrests: 105,140

Non-criminal removals: 110,823

Criminal removals: 145,262

Notes: Figures are year-end, but presidential terms begin on Jan. 20 of the first year of their term and end on Jan. 20 of the last year of their term. Fiscal year 2018 non-criminal figures include those with pending criminal charges and immigration violations. Fiscal year removals data was updated through Aug. 25, 2012.

Source: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Compiled by Jonathan Oatis

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